day trip San Luis Potosí to La Joya crater
10 June 2020
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Sukha hostel travel stories

Starting a new adventure is exciting!
Discovering new places, people, food and cultures. Not knowing what´s around the corner or what treasures the next day will bring. But sometimes the choices you make while traveling can be overwhelming as well. Where to eat, sleep, socialize and relax; while being safe, comfortable and not completely broke after the first week?

In our blog, we want to share road tested tips and advice to guide you in making your way through the thick forest of possibilities. Offering help by finding like-minded people, in places that reflect your ideas of traveling. Hoping to inspire you throughout the rest of your journey.

But there is another thing we want to talk about when we talk about traveling.

Whilst planning a trip, dozens of pictures of the most beautiful places might catch your eye and trigger your imagination. But not only the raging waterfalls and historical churches make traveling great. We believe that you can find real happiness in the small things you experience. Those that sometimes even go unnoticed. A moment you maybe wouldn’t even consider being special. Until you see it. Until it hits you.

A conversation with a fellow traveller. An unexpected encounter with a local.
Or that moment on your own watching others interact, seeing them happy and simply feeling content with where you are and how life is treating you.
You don’t always have to go far to reach beyond the horizon. We can learn so much from each other. Not only about which places to visit, but about other cultures. Tolerance. Happiness.

Checking in dozens of people a day, we meet the most interesting, high-spirited, energetic and sometimes just straight up crazy souls. With a variety of anecdotes that can leave you speechless. Or create a very entertaining story to tell around the campfire. And we just can´t keep these gems from you!

Both your own experiences and the experiences of others can enrich you.
No matter who you are or where you have been. Whilst giving you useful information, we hope to pass our enthusiasm about Mexico and the people we meet on to you. To inspire you to meet people you might have never expected to share your travels with. But who will tell a story that will make you think and even lead you in a total different direction. Where you can find the things you didn’t know you were actually looking for.

Anouk. Arts and culture fanatic,
always on the lookout for special places,
hidden spots and stories that enrich my view on life.


  1. BrianEmers says:

    Thanks meant for furnishing this type of well put together posting.

  2. Sukha says:

    Thanks for checking it out!

  3. Lex says:

    Kinda makes me want to leave my couch.

  4. Sukha says:

    Do!!! Just wait a bit till its all better 🙂

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